Saturday, May 1, 2010


I haven't checked on these for awhile. Unfortunately--for this reason anyway--this blog is pretty small potatoes on the internet, and I think I even have some bot-blockers in the code as well. So...I'm using my stats from the meme site instead; I'll probably post this same thing there. [as always, some letters are occluded so creepazoids don't start flocking my direction]
  • sweet memes 3 visits -- not a shocking search, but a shockingly low number of searches for it considering it's the name of the site
  • "4 toe rings" 2 visits -- yes, I have to get my toe rings back out: summer is nearly here
  • i don't believe in g0d but i pray for you 2 visits -- two visits for this? I don't name those surveys, people!
  • "have y0u ever wanted" "as i used t0" lyrics (all the rest are one-off visits) -- I don't quote lyrics there very often. Might wanna come over here or to the old "regular" blog.
  • "peeps at the library" video -- lol
  • "when i say i d0n’t care, i’m not trying t0 c0nvince you..." -- Nice to see that someone borrowed this and credited it back to me (even though it really wasn't mine)
  • appearance of breakage quotes in madame bovary -- {{shudder}} Madame Bovary. Ugh. Breakage sounds like a great idea for that book.
  • baskets for silent auction -- Wow, random, truly.
  • cheet0s weight or healthy or flavor or new or good or bad or taste -mountain -dew -eating -coupon -sale -cheet0's -jesus -deal -chopsticks -balls -orange -pepsi -pepsico -stain -stains -- Damn. Just...damn. Cheet0s are not healthy. Period.
  • farmville has become irritating -- Yes. Yes it has. Oh, well.
  • fresh prince lyrics meme Wonder why people think this is a lyrics site? This search doesn't even bring me up in the first 20 hits now either.
  • friday memes -- Every day of the week, folks.
  • hmmm thr## thr##some - -- Clearly looking for something I ain't got. (But, seriously, who searches "hmmm"??)
  • how much structure do you need in your life -- Hmm, not sure where this comes in. Random keywords will get you everywhere in Google.
  • i ll always be there when you wake -- It's becoming painfully obvious that people search for song lyrics a lot. And find me too often...sigh.
  • i'll always be there for you music -- See above. ...heavier sigh
  • ill always be there when you wake me -- ...even when you get the lyrics WRONG you find me... {facepalm}
  • marty indik -- I'm sure it's because I used a quote of his somewhere on the blog. Odd, since it's been the quote in my work sig for awhile too. I don't usually do that.
  • matt silverlake -- Again, I don't come up in the top 10-15 searches, but when I do it's only because I've used the words "Matt" and "Silver Lake" (note the space) in widely separated posts.
  • meme crawling in my skin -- "...ant crawling on my skin..." not helpful, I think?
  • meme roll --What would YOU call it?
  • memes -- Yep, you found about 5,000 of 'em here.
  • need easy friend -- More song lyrics. Whee.
  • p0woranjes xnxx -- When I checked this, I was directed to search pow oranjes xnxx instead...which worries me...have I actually spelled that word so weirdly??
  • pray a good tha i dont believe -- 'Course it also helps if you have a freaking clue how to spell.
  • rapidshare k 19 windowmaker -- Wow. Not.
  • rct-l22 c@rd g@me s#x -- This brought up the raunchiest stuff...gahhh. Can't figure out how they got to me at ALL.
  • saturday meme -- See above re Friday memes.
  • sensation seeking is a personality trait expressed in behavior as a tendency to seek varied, novel, complex and intense sensations and experiences and to take physical risks for the sake of having such experiences. these experiences could take the form of extreme adventure activities such as skydiving and mountain climbing. but the trait can also express itself in high drug, alcohol or cigarette use. men generally score higher than women on -- Yeah so I took a quiz. Why on EARTH would you search all those words, you lazy moron?
  • skinny nerd with glasses in front of computer meme girlfriend -- Sounds like me, yo. Well, except for that "skinny" business....
  • something that gets smaller when you use it -- How lame are you that you couldn't think of anything but the obvious answer. (I'll let the reader decide which obvious answer I mean...)
  • spiders sweet dreams -- Eew, spiders in my dreams are not sweet. I've had that dream, yuck.
  • sweet nicknames for rednecks -- I usually call them by their names. Or "idiot" if I don't know them.
  • -- I assure you, there are still people who don't know the difference between the address bar and the search box. Here is one of them.
  • those who don't believe in praying to god. are known as what? -- Speaking as a reference librarian here, I believe you are searching for the word "atheist." Or perhaps "theosophist" if you want to really dig down a bit.
  • l#tr!ng -- No clue. None. Weird.
  • vitamins meming me nauseous -- Google assumes you mean that the vitamins are "making" you ill. I have no idea what vitamins and memes and nausea means, but I'd see a doctor ASAP.
  • what does mean "i think god is just a big placebo" -- No. Really? Is the word "placebo" the issue here?
  • what does yesterday our troubles seem so far away,i believe in yesterday mean -- For you, it means you're too stupid to listen to Beatles songs.
  • when you wake up in the morning.,i'll be there womenizer -- 1) Now THAT is a new name to call me! I've never been called a womanizer before! Awesome! 2) An actual womanizer wouldn't ever mean this.
  • would you rather meme -- I would (and I liked this meme, as well).
  • you were supposed to always be there -- Unless you're talking to God or yourself, you're bound to be wrong on this one. Sorry. Life sucks.

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