I am a middle-aged librarian.
Yes, I do wear glasses (trifocals now, in fact).
Yes, I like to read.
Yes, I'm smart.
Yes, I'm a little OCD.
Yes, I am married, to a man, and yes, I sometimes wear my hair in a (modified) bun.
No, I do not own cats.

Now that we have the stereotypes out of the way ... I love my job. I especially enjoy my job when I'm left alone to get on with it. Most of my work involves cataloging new materials at a medium-sized public library in Flyover Country. However, on regular occasions, I rant and rave about work just because sometimes it needs to be done. I do it a LOT less than I used to, back on The Other Blog. Then again, I do a lot MORE of it on my refgrunt; it's not exactly an even trade, but what is?

I am also the mother of Sparky, wife to Beast, sister to two siblings (two more have died), and happy great-aunt to nine adorable children, one of whom died before he even had a chance to get started. There are 30 other people in what I consider my immediate family, but only eight of them live within fifty miles of me. I've learned, over the past three decades, to develop friends to replace the geographically distant family members in my life. My parents and Beast's parents have all died, but Beast has one brother. They haven't spoken in several years. ... Boys ...

I'm opinionated. I'm not always tactful. I use 'bad words' often. I am quick on the delete button; this is MY blog after all. I am loyal to a fault unless you mess with those I love, in which case I will throw you and your baggage under the nearest bus.

Don't piss me off: I am, it seems, quite terrifying when I'm angry. This was news to me from coworkers and friends. It's not such a bad reputation to have, except if your boss becomes threatened by it and listens to too much unfiltered gossip from idiots.

I am also a liberal Christian. Hard to believe, but there are a couple dozen of us around. I'm not going to try to convert you. I will talk about religion on occasion, church more often (they aren't the same, yo), and suggest that thinking things through -- God, self, heaven, hell, and non-'religious' topics too -- is something everyone should do. Having been working my 12-step program for a few years now, I am trying to be far less judgy. Doesn't always work.

I am also a lefty. Don't try to convince me to vote Republican; my parents were both Republicans, and I loved them dearly. Anything YOU say to change my mind isn't likely to do so after listening to my parents' ideology growing up. I do occasionally bash the Right. On the other hand, there are a lot of ridiculous politicians across the political spectrum.

Oh, and I l-o-v-e football, specifically the Green Bay Packers. Hey, they report to me now--we bought a piece of them in 2011!
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