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The people I work with, to whom I might refer in the blog. In addition to those individuals named below, we have short-term staff members like pages and custodial workers, and IT people that are more-or-less lumped together since they normally roll over far too often for me to track, especially since my interactions with them are rare. (On the other hand, 2009-2012 were banner years for people being hired and fired and quitting--I think we went through more staff changes in those three years than we had in the previous ten, leaving aside the shelvers.)

Most of these folks don't know about the blog. If you read enough of it, you'll figure out why.

"Professionals" (i.e. degreed librarians)

Guy Boss—Started in early 2013, and as much different as Boss Lady as it would be possible to be and still be semi-human. Very sarcastic sense of humor. Seems unable to sense emotional temper changes in rooms full of people. We have had some pretty intense disagreements in relation to his inability to tell the difference between venting and complaining. But a good guy.

Boss Ladya.k.a. New Boss, new as of June 2009. Quite a personality shift from the The [Former] Boss. She was neurotic and didn't handle the stress of directorship well;  the staff didn't handle her random behavior well either. After several bumpy years, she left us, none too soon, at the end of August 2012.

The [Former] Boss—Retired, June 2009. 90% of the time I have had absolutely no problems with her. I respect her a great deal and understood (some of) the pressure she was under from all sides. She’s interesting, funny, and a good manager. Since retirement, she has begun digitizing all of our local historical documents.

The Schedule Nazi—Retired, March 2009. She’s actually a pretty nice person, but ditzy as they come and she has been known to be intensely passive-aggressive with staff members, particularly Miss W. and Techie.In her last year, she got more and more flaky about scheduling, especially her own hours. She was also the Children’s Room Nazi, and the Peekaboo Internet Scout. [in the reflog, she is Librarian K]

Crazy Cat Woman—Every library seems to have one. Ours is the biggest hypochondriac in the world. She’s over 60, single (divorced for many years), lived in an apartment for decades but purchased a condo in the summer of 2007, and her dad used to drive her everywhere she needed to go. You do the math. She’s also detail-oriented and picky, and will talk your ear off at the drop of a hat. [in the reflog, she is Librarian F, later Librarian J]

Techie Librarian—A.k.a. the Ordering Fiend, depending on the day. Most of the time we get along fine, probably 90% of the time, unless we are just totally not in agreement. She has awesome-cute kids, and started working about 20 hours a week in 2007. When Boss Lady left, she accepted the position of interim director (i.e. martyr) and has handled it with aplomb.  [in the reflog, she is Librarian H, later Librarian M]

Weight-and-Exercise Man—The youngest librarian on staff, he was an absolute riot. His work ethic wasn't what others on staff expect, but I think he was the best asset we had. He resigned in February 2006 to go work at another library. I’m blaming that partially on Crazy Cat Woman, with whom he shared an office and debated politics. He speaks 3 languages, including Spanish. He is missed a lot, at least by me! [in the reflog, he is librarian N]

Music Dude—Formerly the part-time evening librarian he is now working full-time. His main responsibility used to be the YA area, but he now does a lot of tech work, on the library webpage, on the computers, on other things technological. He is one of those guys whose outside and inside don’t match: he looks quiet and somewhat boring, but he’s actually a blast and has a fabulous dry sense of humor. [in the reflog he is Librarian D, later Librarian K]

Maniac—The cataloger who retired and "willed" me her job. She returns now almost every day of the week to sub for the reference staff when we’re short. She doesn’t do anything slowly, and she is consistently sure of herself whether she’s dealing with deaf old women or potential gang fights. She takes no guff off of anyone, but sometimes she gets a little on the annoying side. [in the reflog, she is Sub Librarian, and sometimes Librarian D when I get confused, and later on Librarian T]

A-Man— I'm not sure which list to place A-Man. He is a former page (shelver) who has graduated from college now and was considering what to do with his life including the possibility of a library science degree. In fall 2007, he went away to work for Americorps for a couple of years, and is now going on to get his Master's in Education in Colorado and works with special needs kids.

ILL Tyrant—She started on staff working at the circulation desk, but now has her MLIS and then picked up the hours that Techie gave up when she went part time. She became the program planning person over time. She was the Librarian in Charge of the Interlibrary Loan 'stuff', hence her name, and took over the daily scheduling when Schedule Nazi stopped doing it. Left us in September 2011 for a better job out of state closer to her extended family, but mostly because she and Boss Lady were at loggerheads.

The Prankster—Did you just find an erotic novel propped up on your monitor? A partially-shaved Barbie doll in your locker? Everyone knows who did it. She also has been known to take pictures of staff members and use them as "blackmail" (as a joke) for assorted things. Don’t let her know your deepest fear; you’ll be hounded mercilessly, unless your feelings are hurt by it. Received her MLIS May 2010, now working full-time and doing programming. [in the reflog, she is Librarian B]

Book Clubber—Like The Prankster, a circ staff person who has 'graduated' to the Reference Desk after receiving her MLIS in May of 2010. I like her: she's funny, smart, erudite, well-traveled and normal. She does our "literary bookclub" and works with the homebound, a job that has rotated through nearly everyone on staff at this point. She shares an office with Crazy Cat Lady; someone has to! [in the reflog she is Librarian C]

Mrs. Kiddie Lit—Our new (March 2009) Children's Librarian, replacing Schedule Nazi and turning the Children's Department into a viable place for kids to have fun and find good books. Just out of library school and a whirlwind of new ideas. Plus, the kids loved her. Unfortunately, she was under-appreciated by the new director and left us in July 2011 to move back East.

Irish LaughterThe New new children's librarian who started the week that ILL Tyrant gave her notice in Sept 2011. She was far less organized than Mrs. Kiddie-Lit in terms of planning and neatness, but SO much fun. Very big on weeding and programming, and fit in well with the staff as a whole. She took a job in the schools in August 2012, leaving us without a children's librarian until a new Director is hired.

Mover-Arounder—The latest children's librarian, hired by Guy Boss in 2013. She started work about 6 weeks prior to Summer Reading kickoff and did a magnificent job. She does like to rearrange furniture, collections...frankly, everything. Bless her for her energy!

TeenTeach—Part-time till degreed, then full-time teen/YA librarian hired in 2014 just after we rearranged the entire YA section and moved it upstairs. Former middle-school teacher, very good with kids, doesn't take guff from anyone.

Non-degreed staff (these folks run the circ desk--among other things--with a couple of exceptions)

MEMtechWorked circ, but also did all the item entry for processing new materials. She is the nicest person in the world, and was my best back-up, Woman Friday if you will, in Tech Services. She rarely got angry, never got annoyed at my frequent flakiness (or didn’t show it), and remembered every new procedure I threw at her. She has had to stop working to care for her disabled husband in 2010. I miss her.

Complainer TechSomehow this woman though I was her best friend, except when I pissed her off by telling her to get to work. Gossipy, negative, argumentative, overly-sensitive…. CT did the labeling of media before sending the materials out to the circ desk for further processing. After mid-2010, she took on ILL duties as part of her hours, thus annoying other departments as well as mine. She was (ahem) "easily misunderstood" by patrons. And staff. From my perspective, the single best thing Boss Lady did before she left was making it apparent for CT that she needed to leave, which she did in June 2012. [update: in August 2016 we found out she is suffering badly with dementia....sigh]

V— Used to work for World Book as an editor, worked for us doing all the yucky odd jobs we could come up with. She was born in 1912 but remained sharp as a tack to the end. She remembered everyone’s birthday, knew a ton about the high school pages, and loved watching the Tour de France every year. I hope to have half the energy and brainpower when I'm 75 that she had at 95! Passed away, June 2009. 

Miss W—Head of Circulation, she knows everyone in town, and she’s a huge gossip. I like her, but she pains me quite frequently on a work basis. She’s one of the Gang of Three, probably the leader. Grew up in this town, knows everybody and is the “favorite” storytime leader, but has given up most of her children's room activities as she's taken on more circ responsibilities. A h-u-g-e gossip; did I mention that?

The Box Lady—She unpacks all the materials we order, sources them, and generally deals with the jobbers and prepping. She works at the circ desk, has done so for 20 years. She’s a co-leader of the Gang of Three. I’ve never met any woman who can laugh louder than her--except Irish Laughter. She’s a big-hearted woman, and she looks and acts like a leprechaun. Oh, and she’s the Magazine Queen, as well.

Supplies—She used to order almost anything we need to replace (or whatever), but now solely works at the circulation desk. She is the final member of the Gang of Three. I should explain that the Gang vacations together, and one of my pet peeves is that they often plan their vacations at the circ desk computers while we're open.

Custodian/Janitor—Let go (i.e. fired) Summer 2009. One of the quietest people I’ve met in this particular job. He used to be the maintenance guy at Sparky’s daycare center when Sparky was 4 or so. He’s lived here in town his entire life, graduating from high school with Classy (see below). Not much to say about him, except he really could fix almost anything, although it may not be a pretty fix.

Quick-Study—Our token Southerner. ;) She’s about 5’6” and 95 lbs., half of which is her hair. She is a kind-hearted person with the self-esteem of a turnip, and smarter than she will admit gradually figuring out her value in the workplace. Like Maniac, she doesn’t do anything slowly, and working next to her tires you out even though you never actually have to do anything. She works part-time elsewhere so that her family can eat especially now that she finally dumped her idiot husband.

South America—Born and raised in Peru, although I think her ethnic background is Italian. In any case, she speaks about 4 languages, including Spanish of course, and brings an interesting cultural point of view to the staff. She used to work for a major airline (in customer relations), and she is smart, liberated, gossipy, and bossy.

Sout’ Sider—Another Spanish-speaking staff member. She is everyone’s mom, and really takes people under her wing, protecting them and advising them as needed. She is now the head of circ when Miss W isn't here, i.e. evenings and weekends. She's a hoot. [retired in 2014, well-deserved and very much missed]

Classy—This woman apparently can roll out of bed and look like the perfectly clothed and coifed woman, and somehow not make you feel shlumpy or hateful toward her. Her husband is a criminal attorney, so he’s always fun to invite to a party—he tells great stories! Classy is just simply a class act, discrete, kind and unflappable. And smart. And funny. Now working as my Man Friday after MEMtech's departure.

Teen Catnip—Energetic, fun, and completely not shy about busting up a group of kids by redirecting their attention toward something useful, she cut back her hours and by spring 2008 she had to give up all her hours to do other work.

Argent—Must be the quietest person on staff, Argent hails from (guess) Argentina, but has lived here for several years. She has two daughters. I don't think I've ever worked with anyone quieter! She now does some tech service stuff that V. used to do and is quite good and a careful worker. She also does the Spanish storytimes. [moved back to Argentina in 2014]

Teener—Replaced Teen Catnip in coordinating after-school drop-in activities for teens, and was much more subdued but equally good with the middle school age group. Ran several programs, but worked at times and places that made it hard for me to really get to know her. Left us in 2009.

Newbet—Shared the same first name as someone else on staff, and I worked with her very rarely. Sensible, quiet, hard to get to know. She was fired (or quit?) cold-turkey in 2010 in the midst of her review.

Admin Asst.—New position filled by someone who looked like she stepped off a fashion runway, but was fun and good at her job. Enjoyed getting to know her for the few months she worked with us until she quit abruptly in 2010.

Saint Steph—Originally hired in 2009 to work at circ, but 'promoted' (?) when Admin Asst. quit to cover those duties. Dealing with Boss Lady is what qualifies her as a saint, though she's also VERY organized. She is now the person who orders all our supplies, pays the bills, preps the reports for the Board meetings, and acts as a buffer between Boss Lady and us some days. She still works a lot of circ hours too.

Editor D—Hired in early fall 2012 to work at the circ desk, I haven't gotten to know her well yet. Extremely calm and works as a copyeditor in her other job. A good addition to the team, but didn't last. [ran afoul of Miss W in early 2013]

AnimeCon Guy—Our daytime custodial person, hired in 2011 after some pressure from the City because his mom works there. He is about 30, a high-functioning autistic and a super-nice guy, but drives many of us completely mad with his repetition of stories and his tics. He also eats through whatever food is left laying on the "share" counter in the workroom. Do not change his schedule or it will send him into a tailspin.

Not Texas RangerHas worked here since 2010, her senior year in high school. Once graduated, she attended the local community college for two years. I know her also from church (where her nickname cam from) when I was a high school youth leader there. She is one of the cleverest, smartest, most conscientious people I know, and she is FINALLY getting away from her family in fall of 2012 to an on-campus college life,  but she's so good I'm hoping we turn her attention from nursing to "librarying" after she gets her degree.

Local Gram—Used to work at her family-owned office-supply store till Office Depot put them out of business. Likes to know the "why" of things which occasionally drives Miss W nuts. Gram was hired as a page, but has started working on extra stuff like ILL and general organization. She's just super, as far as I can tell.

Scaffold—So-called because he spends an AWFUL lot of time on top of one changing lightbulbs throughout the library. He is 'borrowed' from the City because he is the assistant building inspector and there are not many buildings needing inspecting due to the economy. He's taken the place of a custodian for now. Super-nice guy, very organized and sensible. [has now gone back to working at the City, mid-2014]

Hello Kitty—because she loves the cartoon, wears a LOT of pink and is the least likely-looking person to do either of those things. She started in 2011 with virtually no self-confidence and 5 years later is quite willing to take the lead. Does most of the media processing, some story-times, works at another library part-time as well, and getting a MLS in legal librarianship.

Silence and Cake—Started working with us at circ in about 2012 just till she could find a teaching job. Quickly realized she 'hates kids' (her words) and would really rather never speak aloud. She is smart, quick-witted, picks up new things in amazingly short time, and has started helping me out with cataloging. Also does ILL, some media processing, some book processing, and...jeez, I'm pretty sure she should just be running the damned place. And she makes her own clothes and bakes a mean cake.

Barnum—Fun, quiet, smart, sort of the "must work at the library" person in a given group. She's very booky--used to work at Borders--and just a nice, pleasant young woman. Loves the outdoors and knows tons about conservation and ecology. I think she started in 2013, hired by Guy Boss.

Gram2—Lived in Denver for many years, looks a great deal like my mom's cousin Peg (so I'm constantly calling her that, which is NOT her name). She is retired, works just about 15 hours/week to keep her mind busy, as a page/shelver. She's a delightfully kind person with a wicked wit and smart! Started in 2012, I think.

Juan's Tia—The aunt of a friend of my son's from his high school years. She is tiny, smaller even than QuickStudy, and very very quiet. She also works at the school district in a nearby town, so she is only with us in evenings and some weekends. Makes an incredible guacamole, and a ton of it! She was hired in the fall of 2015.

Parcour—Resident nerd, token teen, page. Shy, quiet, studies harder than anyone I've met since my college roommate (no lie, he's up till midnight every single night and doesn't even do sports). He's also funny, naive, amazed at people's behavior every day, and probably scarred for life from having so many women telling him how to ask girls out! Starting his third school year with us in fall 2016.

[originally posted approx 6/05; updated 3/06, 7/06, 9/06, 3/07, 5/07, 10/07, 4/08, 6/10, 2/12, 11/12, 9/16]
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