Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Query: when one has out-of-town company visiting for a few days, does one make at least a vague attempt to rearrange scheduling so as to spend more time with them?

Or does one carry on with one's packed social life--including work, Bible Study, choir practice, hobbies, sports--regardless of the extra people in the house?

Does it change the equation if the 'company' is family? Does the family relationship matter: immediate family vs. great-aunts/cousins/et al.?

In essence, I'm trying to figure out the answer to this question: Am I making a faux pas? Am I expecting more than should be expected?

Edit 9/10: I should add, perhaps, that there are two families involved: one host household is apparently not willing to cancel anything on their schedule, even the parts that are voluntary and fairly mutable, while the other is trying to bail on things that are bailable. It means that one household is ending up doing 3/4 of the hosting while the other one isn't available. It's more than slightly annoying, which is typical for the relationship as a whole.

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