Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh, the irony

Originally dated 10/11/06 and entitled
Notes from Yesterday's Meeting

[which, by the way, was the most morale-boosting, work-related meeting I've been at in about a year]

After a pre-meeting conversation involving assassination weapons including, but not limited to darts, knitting needles, and poison, the chair opened the meeting.

And then busted us up by saying, in a completely different context: "I like bullets!"

Later in the meeting, she added, "I may not pass the [c@t@l0ging test], but I like a good fight."

Post-meeting, we decided that we absolutely must start enticing
D-and-J our direction: D could joust with MAS, and J could...well, take MAS' job. Funnily enough, Ponytail brought this up as a possibility.* After conquering MAS, D could get to work wiping out the rest of the stupidity which is Our Consortium At Work. That will take even him YEARS. And he has a BAFS--Big-AssFreakin'Sword!

* Truthfully, he only raised the possibility of Lady J's return, since he didn't know she's now a They, a Package Deal.

Interesting how things change in just 3 short years.

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artcat said...

Wry smiles and nostalgic memories, it WAS a good meeting that day. Thanks. Ironies of today include a day fraught with fresh BL-isms and a renewed motivation to start a good fight. Ha!

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