Friday, January 1, 2010

First and Last Lines

I've done this for a couple of years now, on my previous blog. It's always sort of fun to see what I've been up to in blogland over the course of the year.


So, the first and last sentences posted for each month of 2009, excluding anything I copied from elsewhere:
This is the annual post that proves I am a geek about numbers as well as books.

They are approximately the same age as my mom, who has spun into yet another dramatic health moment.
Yeah, I'm still alive, though feeling terribly frazzled.

see post title [which is "Rolling with the punches"]
Remember when I used to post here everyday, sometimes even more than once a day?

Yuck. Snow over ice. My fave.
Hey, it's poetry month! Hence the poems that have posted the past two days (oh, how I love post-dating!).

I can't help but poke fun, y'know.
I have this album (as in record) somewhere:

Consider me officially freaked out.
That would be me. Screaming W.T.F.??

So, I'll see you all Wednesday or Thursday.
Mom found her escape from pain at about 9:15 p.m. last night.

Then again, it may not. We'll see.
Hi ho hi ho–it’s off to work I go.

I need a f'ing vacation.
The calmest, most rational, loveliest person at my workplace is leaving due to family issues.

I'm beat, so I'm off to bath and bed ASAP so I can be awake again when I leave for Bible Study in 8 hours.
I can do a full day's work after barely three hours of sleep, including 6 full hours standing and working with the public.

Can't believe I never thought of that!! Duh.
When the Body of Christ gets stuck partway down and stays put for an uncomfortably long time, is this a metaphor?

By the way, Little Anthony and the Imperials caused him to say, "WOW!" which is quite the reaction, the first stunned comment from him of the evening, though he did like the bass solo in "You Can Call Me Al" as well.
Today was all about Sparky.

So, there you have it, straight from the guinea pig's paws.
Some of these combinations seem eerily connected this year, even though they aren't particularly.

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