Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sparky and I were at church, except (of course) it wasn't our church: it was in a high rise office building. We were trying to leave, but Sparky couldn't find his letter jacket. We finally found it near a stairwell, so we figured we could walk down (from something like the 33rd floor).

Once we opened the door, it turned out to be and outside ramp (not stairs) heading down. It really looked more like a sidewalk next to a highway, the highway being an observation-deck-kind of thing from which to look out across the city. Sparky headed down, but I needed to rest, so I sat down on the 'curb' and hollering for him to wait.

It was more of a debilitating exhaustion that I was experiencing. No pain, no real tiredness, but rather an inability to
want to stand up and get moving again. A few people were wandering around, including what looked like a school class. A couple of them stopped to chat, and while we were talking I realized that I could no longer see Sparky's unusual-colored letter jacket. On the other hand I was looking for an orange jacket not his current one. [Orange is the dominant color at one of the colleges he is looking at possibly attending, which is the same school his dad attended and where he won a letter jacket.] He had rounded a corner and continued down while I sat immobilized.

Eventually and as a result of talking to a couple of the teenagers, I was able to get back on my feet and start following Sparky.

And then the alarm went off.

And yes. I get it. Loud and clear. Thank you, Subconscious.

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molly said...

congratulations! Your son is growing up. In your dream you are able to connect to other young people who will help you through this transition, which (believe me) is incredibly painful. Once they get their jackets, they look back far less than we would like them to.
I am sorry about the part of the dream in which you are clearly overtired and overwrought. Doing too much, what? Also, too many people sick and dying around you in the past few years. These things accumulate and raise their ugly heads when we can least deal with it, like a little kid saying, me, too, me, now, NOW.

Cat. said...

Yup--"overwrought" probably encompasses it. And you're absolutely right about the rest too. I knew you'd get it. :-)

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