Monday, March 8, 2010


Disturbing Dream #1: I'm visiting a blog-friend, a guy I've never met. Sparky is with me. And I'm very aware that Blog-Friend is getting a very wrong impression about my visit and reason for being there, in spite of Sparky's presence. The guy is just a few years younger than me, never married (that I'm aware of) and in the dream he's living in his college frat house. Uhm. [I'm certain he does NOT live in a frat house, in the non-dream world]

Disturbing Dream #2: My boss has cancelled our contract for IT support to save money. Just a little blip of a thought/dream. I hope it doesn't come true.

Disturbing Facebook update: Upon logging on this morning, I found two updates from one of the youth group members:
soooooo, apparently my parents some how found out about what we said yesterday night, and decided "eh, what the hell...since they all know anyways, we might as well step it up a notch or two...or twelve!!!"
not exactly the way i wanted to start my monday morning...and its not even 7 o'clock yet!!!!!

...apparently since i dont know what im talking about, and im a stupid teenager who doesnt know how to deal with life...thats what i deserve...feeling the love in this house.
I'm trying to figure out what they were talking about last night that would cause this sort of reaction from parents (well, her mom is a little wack sometimes), especially since I was on the phone with her mom during the meeting. Did she somehow overhear something while I was on the phone with her??

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amy said...

a) I just got Bloglines notification of this post. *eye roll*
b) VERY curious about Dream #1
c) FB update/phone coincidence would require superhuman hearing, I think.

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