Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a week

...and it isn't over yet.

Two falls on Saturday night meiant FIL went to the emergency room at 1 a.m., and Beast had to meet him there and wait for 5 hours before they decided he was fine and sent them home.

Crazy Cat Lady (at work) had a medical issue last week that we all thought was short-term but of course has devolved into chaos this week. I drove her home from work Tuesday and she hasn't been back since. It's scary, but she's cried wolf so many times that we're all just tired.

We have ordered--I think--close to 1000 items in the past week at work. Our usual average is perhaps 600 a month.

We have known for awhile that we will be hosting a German exchange student in April for a few weeks. This week was the last meeting prior to their arrival. The teacher mentioned that they were still looking for some hosts, so we are now hosting two students. Girls. Sparky's gonna have sisters for three weeks. Yes, I will take pictures of his face during that time. Beast is going to have to make some adjustments too. They arrive in two weeks.

We still need to paint the bathroom they'll be using, and I have to clean out the closet in the spare room and move some furniture around the house so they have a place to keep their stuff.

Yesterday, the county sheriff's department used our church to practice SWAT tactics. Yes, you did read that right.

We also found out yesterday that our church members finally--three years after the building was finished--can use the second exit onto the street and not have to go "around the block" (a mile square block, mind you) to go left. We've been arguing with local government officials, and one local property owner, for over 10 years about this.

Access to our library catalog crapped out just before I was scheduled to leave today so I ended up staying for an extra hour to try to finish what I had started of my own work while also trying to help the IT guy figure out the connection issue. Which we didn't, and I really had to leave or my head would pop off.

Beast flew to Texas Tuesday, drove hours across the state yesterday to meet a customer, drove hours back across the state today, and is currently flying home as I type.

And, clearly, I've failed on keeping up with the Lenten study passages on here.

But the best part of the week is that the sun has been shining and it's been warm outside. The crocus blossomed in the yard today and the frogs are singing their little lungs out.

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