Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am so very tired, and the coming week looks like an incoming tsunami.

Actually, perhaps today and tomorrow is the outward suckage (technically, called the drawback) just before the big wave hits the shore.

Upcoming events:

  • More German exchange stuff, the scheduling for which seems to change every 20 seconds or so
  • Take FIL home from the hospital (outpatient-sorta-ish surgery yesterday)
  • Sparky works Friday night
  • Girls are at Mr. High School contest (guess Sparky's missing that, boo!)
  • Laundry. There are a lot of dirty clothes in the house!
  • Petting Zoo @ work for 2 hours on Saturday (it's for Technology not Animals)
  • Sparky's school band contest "thingy" on Saturday
  • FIL's bday is today; we should take him out to eat or something sometime soonish
  • Sparky is on for childcare on Sunday @ church
  • Departure Luncheon for the exchange group & host families
  • Packing & prep for my (library-related) conference Monday - Wednesday (I leave Monday and return Tuesday night, then go back to the Big City on Wednesday morning for the rest of the conference)
  • Prep for Beast's (SIP) conference Monday - ?Thursday (He will attend Monday, come home overnight, and then head back on Tuesday staying overnight that night--and Wednesday?)
  • Packing and prep for the girls' return home on Tuesday--yes, I miss their last night in the States....sigh....which is why Beast has to be home Monday night
It'd be nice to fit some cleaning of the house in there. Also, we need MORE groceries (damn, these girls eat a LOT! lol). And there are the daily household things that need doing, too. Oh, yeah, and our jobs, the ones we get paid for. GAH!

So, yeah. Life=psychotically insanely stupidly busy. I'm a little cranky. Sue me.

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