Saturday, April 17, 2010


At 4 this afternoon, I was leaving work, Beast was on his way to Biggish City to the West with two of the current three teens in our house to play Laser Tag, and we had a rather boring evening ahead (after a pretty boring rest-of-the-day).

Right now there are 18 people in my house, 16 of whom are under 18. Two large pizzas have disappeared, and their are large chunks missing from the other four still on the kitchen counters.

We could open a shoe store in our entryway.

One of the German girls has a MAJOR crush on one of the host boys, and isn't being particularly subtle about it. Then again, they are only scheduled to be in the States for about 56 more hours, so needs must.

Eight teens are in the basement playing pool, and eight are in the dining room playing poker. [Poker rules explained in Germlish are pretty amazing, by the way. Lots of "funf."]

My Presbyterian forebears are whizzing around in their graves, but I'm having a blast just watching.

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