Thursday, April 22, 2010

The more things change

...the more they stay the same.

We now have zero exchange students at our house. Picture Beast and me with our jaws on the floor and our hands thrown up in the air: WHAT!THE!FUCK! Yesterday's email from Sparky's German teacher reads, in part: "Despite your saying you do not need a break; the German teachers would still give you a rest. ... C[...] says she would be OK with moving to another family. She says you have been great hosts and should not infer anything in our moving her at this time. Mrs. P[...] had offered to place another student Tuesday when we all learned the Germans could not return to Germany. C[...] would be staying with Julia .... Also, perhaps with the disappointment of not returning home, being with another classmate is good idea psychologically."

I actually totally get that last bit, so I was somewhat mollified after I read this. And, to be honest, it was quite lovely to come home from the conference last night and have the house to myself (Sparky was at a study group) and not have to worry about anyone needing a ride or help finding something to eat or do here.

In other news, on the train home last night one of the women with whom I was traveling discovered that she had misplaced her wallet. She got off at the next station and called back to the city ticket office--the last place she knew she had it with her--to see if someone had turned it in. She also called her husband who checked online and found that someone had already used the credit card, within just a few minutes of the wallet being left! Sigh. So, obviously she's not getting it back.

Which coheres with the status of my bag. The Lost & Found woman said that sometimes it takes a little while for things to make their way back to her, so I should check in again today and next week, but realistically...I'm out a nice half-pack, a curling iron, a flashlight, and some charger cables. Some other stuff too, but nothing really horrible or irreplaceable. Well, except perhaps my notes from the first day of the conference. I've made a list of what I can remember having packed in there so I can hit the stores and replace what I need this weekend.

* * *

OK, Sparky has headed off to school and I swapped hours today at work so I don't have to leave until noon. I'm going back to bed. I almost fell asleep in the middle of CSI:NY last night and ended up going to bed at 9:45. Still feel like I could sleep a month, but I keep waking up with thoughts of "Oh, yeah, _____ was in the bag too!" or "I need to make sure the girls...oh, never mind" or "I need to figure out what we're doing for _________" etc. Time to revert back to having nothing scheduled every hour of the day!

We have a fridge full of food too, so I don't even have to cook for awhile! Yay!

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