Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Status update

This is my current Fb status.
1) [The neighbor]'s been found and is home.
2) The German kids are still in [town]. *Back* in [town]. For a few days.
3) The conference is wonderful, but I'm mentally wiped out. Exhausted.
4) I left my overnight bag on the [...] train this afternoon. Cuz, yeah, there is just not ENOUGH going on around here; I need to deal with lost-and-found.
OK, I also 'broke' my phone, we only got one of our German girls back--the other one is staying at another house with a different German student and we are wholly unclear on what happened, whose decision that was, but we know it wasn't C, the girl still staying with us--my phone and MP3 chargers in the bag I left on the train, I got home 2 hours ago and have made dinner and filled the dishwasher so it can run and done a load of laundry.


I have cried more in the past 2 hours than is reasonable or rational. Beast is at a conference this week, too, so he's overnight there the next two nights.

Life is Chaos Central here.

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molly said...

Wish I could help you. Too far away. I hope you get your bag back, and I am very glad the girl that was missing is back. It's hard to have your husband away at a time like this.

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