Friday, May 21, 2010

My blood pressure was up yesterday

Yeah, no kidding. I'm pretty sure I'm in the 130/100+ range right now.

When I called to tell the attendance people this morning that Sparky would be leaving early, I specifically asked them to remind him NOT TO EAT LUNCH.

He got the early departure pass around 10, during Band.

He got the DO NOT EAT the middle of lunch period. Two hours later. While he was eating.

So he couldn't have his wisdom teeth out today and we rescheduled for tomorrow morning at a different office.

That office is not covered by our insurance. Same doctor, same staff...not covered. Fortunately we figured that out before we left the building.

They re-rescheduled him for June 3 at which point I mentioned that he was going overseas on the 13th. While he'd probably be fine, if he was NOT fine, that would certainly make for a really really sucky trip. They scrounged around and re-re-re-scheduled him for next Tuesday. I have to say that the staff there was absolutely the most accommodating group of medical people I have ever dealt with. Astounding. I'm still a little shocked by it all, actually.

All of this because I forgot to remind him not to eat, and the attendance office couldn't find their ass in the dark with a flashlight, a map, and an extra set of hands. And because Sparky is an airhead, of course. Major league. But, really? If you're walking across the school--and the band room IS "across the school"--to deliver the pass for the end of the day, why not take the "don't eat lunch" note with you? I just don't get it. So I will be asking them on Monday to fully explain themselves and account for it.

I may be back in the principal's office talking to him too on Monday, because the last thing I want is for all of this to screw up Sparky's grades at the end of the year.

Finals start this Friday. Sparky has at least three presentations that were assigned this past week to do before the end of the year; two are due this coming week. One them requires him to bring in something affiliated with his assigned historical personage, who happens to be Thomas Jefferson. Cuz, yeah, don't we all have 18th-century crap laying around our houses?

Because of the surgery, Sparky will miss at least a day and half of school, possibly more. He can't prep ahead for finals using study guides because the teachers have not handed them out yet. His history teacher has spent two weeks showing movies and now assigned this sudden project and will hand out study packets on Monday.
+ + + + +
And that's just this year. Earlier this week, he received his tentative schedule for his senior year and it is FUBAR. He asked for AP Calculus, AP German, Forensic Science/Anatomy, Band, Conditioning, Economics, Psychology, and College-Bound Comp/Lit. He got AP Statistics, Forensic Science/Anatomy, Band, Conditioning, Economics, Psychology, and Comp/Lit and a one-semester study-hall. Issues:
  1. He is NEVER.EVER.EVER to have a study hall (we've told them this EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR) Shouldn't that be in his record at this point?
  2. They swapped Calculus (which a science major is going to need) for Statistics. Uhm. No. FAIL
  3. Band and AP German are scheduled at the same time. He really needs both for college, but he has already talked to the office and traded Band for German, technically. However, I will be talking to them on Monday about rescheduling one or the other class and generally pulling their heads out of their butts.
Gonna be a great Monday.

So, tonight, I'm back at work trying to get ahead (insert vomiting here) for next Tuesday and possibly Wednesday when I will need to be at home with Sparky because Beast isn't going to be around those two days.

And that, is about 40% of the reason my blood pressure--usually in the 110/60 range--is heading north. The rest is work, extended family, and general universal stress. I need some seriously major medication.

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