Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Shoes

Mama's got a brand-new stash!

Gladiator sandals. How awesome are these!? I fell in love instantly with them. Shiny! And just imagine the really weird tan that will be possible when these are worn!

Denim shoes. I've never owned denim shoes. I showed them to Beast and said that very thing whereupon he gave me the typical Boy Look: WHY do you need denim shoes? Because I've never had any before, silly. Boys. So clueless.

I get tired of wearing sneakers when I'm walking or working outside. These are a cute compromise. I expect to wear them the whole time I'm in Colorado this summer. They are super-comfortable--they even have Dr. Scholl's Gel in the heel, so yes, I'm Gellin'--and somehow manage to make my feet look less gargantuan.

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