Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are staying here. Our room is where the two dark spots toward the front of the roof of the hotel are. Those dark rectangles are skylights. The BIG central dark spot is a skylight over the atrium/entrance hall of the hotel. The sleeping area of our suite shows up at about :23 in this video:
So now we're going for a walk. More of a meander, at nearly 7800 feet elevation. Beast suggests walking till we're out of breath and stopping for a drink to rest, and then carrying on till we are out of breath again at the next bar. It's probably doable.

Edit: It's doable. We hit an Irish pub, where we watched as they called today's record-breaking tennis match for the day, and then to the Western Hotel (which my brother was going to buy when he was a grown-up--oh, well), and then to a biergarten where we had sausage and more drinks for dinner, and where we eavesdropped on people much younger than us and were shocked to learn they are turning 30 this year!). Now we're back at our hotel--with turn-down service completed and chocolates on the nightstand--and down in the bar overlooking the bistro and (more to the point), the cliffs to the east of town. We have a wonderful view. The whole situation here reminds me a bit of a MUCH QUIETER Athens, with the outdoor bar with a view overlooking the nightlife. Thought it's just turning 8 so it's hardly "night"life yet really. Would that I could spend the next week here.......

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