Friday, July 2, 2010

Facebook updates

I find it fascinating the serendipity that happens in my friends' Facebook posts. I have them forwarded to Google Reader so they all show up at once, minus all the group, game, and page updates that clutter up the actual Facebook page. I keep saying to myself, "I should post these--it's so WEIRD how they make sense, and they are not at all related to one another!" (most of the time)

So I'm finally doing it.
KaDi  I PASSED!!!!:)

BriJoPe is the happiest guy alive. :)

CheDi We now have 3 licensed drivers in our house....Congratulations Ka[...]!!! [to be clear, this is from the mom of the person listed first]

RoTe Andy Burnham: "Let's not get obsessed by this issue, because it really is irrelevant. It's a kind of fringe pursuit for Guardian-reading classes." Yeah, forget the 56,000 people who are definitely for parliamentary and electoral reform, Andy. It's the most fundamental thing that needs to happen in our politics, because it allows us to vote for who we actually WANT to vote for, not just who we think MIGHT win.

AWe Single from Manchester - London = £65. Cab far[e] London - home = £65 :(

MeThe i really need some wine right now.

LaClo The NPC should be proud of me-just trolled the beach for a couple hours perfecting my Bikini judging skills.

BaHo Just under two hours and counting, finished with work. Saturday pack, Sunday Miami. Next Friday Key all know what that means to a Parrothead!

ERi "I quit those days and my redneck ways" ... or at least I don't have a car that doesn't run sitting in front of my house anymore.
With the one exception noted above, none of these statuses are related to each other, but in that list we have two English people one after another, two of my high school friends one after another, three mission trip friends (from two different years) in a clump together, and a very "Friday" theme going on.

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Kwizgiver said...

What a great post--cool how they are related in an unrelated way.

Patrick said...

I've been tempted to post some of my friends' updates as well. A few in particular are quite amusing. I suspect one or two of them stay up late trying to think of funny things to say.

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