Monday, July 12, 2010


VERY strange dream this morning about a colleague in which he ended up by giving me a backrub at his workplace (only, in true dream fashion, it looked NOTHING like any library I've ever been in!). The whole dream was weird because I think I suspected him of some heinous crime so I was there to ask him if I could keep something that was his that had something to do with the crime, without letting on that I knew it had anything to do with a crime. This undoubtedly is from the fact that I've got two mystery books going right now, not to mention all the CSIs and NCISs I've watched over time.

Meanwhile, the room behind the circulation desk was a hospital room in which his roommate was installed, along with another person I never identified. The roommate (ahem) was quite ill but perfectly cheerful. I've only met him twice IRL so from what I could tell, he was behaving normally.

There was also a playground out the back window where kids were busily tearing up the blacktop (I think this came from watching Ice Road Truckers before bed last night...maybe). And it was cold as hell outside, and rainy. Toward the end, the kids were running from way off to my right and sliding on their knees/shins across the wet (icy?) pavement in front of me. This area was very similar to the playground at the daycare where Sparky went for several years, except the paved area is mulch at that place, and there is actual playground equipment scattered around.

There was some kind of Frontierville thing going on with this playground too, but that is exceedingly vague, except the part about having a full-grown, extremely realistic lion suddenly appear. [a lion? in Frontierville? Not!] All my corrals had been completely rearranged so my livestock were free-ranging; I was annoyed at having to rearrange everything again.

Oh the whole thing was so freaky. Dreams are weird. Why in the world am I thinking about this particular guy right now? I'd prefer if he never entered my dreams, as we aren't particularly good friends, though in the dream we apparently were. A lion? Sparky's daycare? WTF?!

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amy said...

Colleague? Would that be P.T.F., by any chance?

I LOVE your dreams. LOVE THEM. This is fantastic, in a very specific sense of the word.

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