Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's good to have friends who don't always agree


It's also really hard when a good friend gets 'very verbal' on Facebook with someone in my family. Hard to take sides--although I agree with the family member heaps more than I agree with the friend--since the subject is freedom of speech. I can't, therefore, tell her to shut up on my Facebook wall. Well, ok, I could but she wasn't that vicious, just stupid. OK, I can call her that here since she doesn't know about this blog. She's full of Faux News bullshit and right-wing conservative stoopudutee.

Yes, I have friends like that. Don't you? If not, you should. Always good to have another point of view in the mix, eh?

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Patrick said...

Definitely. I have several friends who complain about how biased the news media is -- except for Fox News, which they say is the ONLY one to tell it like it is. It boggles the mind.

I recently got into a Facebook scuffle with a friend of mine over a minor point that he took personally coming from someone else. Fortunately, he didn't take my point of view that way. :)

That Facebook can really heat things up on an otherwise slow day, right?

Cat. said...

Yeah, my first flame war on my own wall. Pretty interesting from a sociological standpoint.

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