Sunday, August 29, 2010

Neighborhood football

Something I love, that I never take for granted and intentionally fight for, is that we have a BIG yard that is
w i d e
o p e n
The people behind us also have a pretty big open area across their yard.

So two guys just rang my doorbell--J. who lives behind us and L. who lives next door (JesusGOD they're getting tall!). They're wearing touch-football flags on their waists and J. says, "Can we play football in your yard? There are, like, a ton of guys." L. chimed in with, "Even some high school guys." In response to my raised eyebrows (not too many high school kids around here), he hastily added, "Freshmen in high school."

Of course I said sure. They are asking because Sparky's not outside to "approve" it ... and I suspect they were sent to ask by some adult or another. It looks to me like there are about a dozen kids--probably close to a ton, I guess--and they are supervised by another neighbor so it's not going to turn into a riot.

I really hope that kids continue to play in our yard. I don't ever, EVER want to be the curmudgeon in the neighborhood, the woman who hates kids. Play on, guys!

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