Saturday, March 26, 2011

Been another long wait

And yeah, what a month March has been.  Short version:
  • spent a lot of time in hospitals with Beast and FIL on visits planned and unplanned
  • worked, a lot, at work and at home, on work-related stuff
  • played mini-golf in the library
  • got even fatter
  • wrecked the truck
Now, it looks like my page layout is fucked. Shoot. I should try to figure out why. I seems to only be weird on Chrome. IE looks fine. Sigh.

The main reason I started this post is to warn people that poetry month is coming up, so there will be more regular posts next months. Like, daily.

EDIT: but now the layout is fine. Maybe it's my computer....

3 thing(s) to say:

amy said...

It looks just fine on Safari. :)

Ahhh, poetry month. April is such fun, isn't it? And with only four more days to prepare - yikes!

Cat. said...

I'm set. :-P

amy said...

You're about 26 days ahead of me, then. I'm hoping to have a very inspiring weekend - Ha! - or I'll be following along, day by day. That's definitely the hard way to do it!

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