Saturday, April 9, 2011

{{gasp!}} An actual post!

Yes, it's true, I'm feeling moved to blog for realz. Mostly because I've actually been working my ass off (I wish) for a few days, trying to get ready to leave on our trip on Tuesday.

In line with this push is a renewed, or even new, effort to keep up on things around here: bills/receipts (entering them into Quicken), planning and making actual meals, generally not sitting around on my ass (see above). Sparky and I switched jobs a week or so ago so he is no longer in charge of dishes but has taken responsibility for running Roomba around the house as needed. I expect the novelty of that will wear off fairly quickly, but it is nice that I'm not nagging him about the dishes on the counter--I just take care of it myself. So there.

He is hours, maybe a day, away from finally committing to Pio U for college. We need to send in a deposit and he'll be set. It's nice that Beast and I will know our way around both the campus and the city in which the college is, but it is exTREMEly odd to think that Sparky will be hanging out in some of the same places we did nearly 30 years ago. Thirty years!? O.M.G.

In other news, I established for myself last Monday that kidney stones are pretty fucking painful. I'm still having some minor pain, but nothing -- NOTHING! -- like what I woke up with on Monday!

So I did a whole long blather about our trip at this point, but I'm going to cut that and make a new post of it.

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