Monday, February 20, 2012

Nothing to say?

Hmmm, what I should be doing right now is writing up a recommendation for college for someone. It's not going to be hard to recommend her--she is one very amazing person--but sounding coherent and intelligent while doing the recommending could be challenging. I'm not feeling either coherent or intelligent.

So instead I'm blogging. Yeah, I know how that sounds.

This full-time work hours thing has been kicking my butt all the way to the moon and back. I can't figure out why adding 8 hours to work (and subtracting 8 hours from non-work) makes such a big difference, but part of it is that everyone at work is crabby, edgy, and fed up with the boss. Everyone. Except, perhaps, the shelvers, but I suspect some of the lack of morale filters to them too. Since I don't really have a serious problem with the boss--just petty annoyances that I try to address if they aren't just MY pettiness on show--I also have gotten a little tired of listening to other people whining. As usual, it says more about the person doing the whining than it does about the boss most of the time.

Maniac has been maniacal since before Christmas. Even she is having issues with Boss Lady, after 2+ years of trying to tamp down the negativity of others. And it's major costuming season for her as well, so she's really wound up about things and frankly making me nuts.

Then there's good ol' CT, who has been on a total rampage for the past (at least) 3 weeks. Finally, I think, last Thursday I snapped hard enough at her that she has started her usual rounds of "[Cat.] doesn't like me, so I'll go get palsy with someone else to show that I have other friends--that'll teach [Cat.]!!" (I always know when Miss W has barked at her; CT becomes my very best friend and confidante for the rest of the day, or week.) Maniac has been telling me for months that CT doesn't speak to her except hello/goodbye stuff; well, Thursday, CT was whispering and gossiping at her.

It's midwinter--such as our winter this year seems to be, which isn't all that wintry, not that I'm complaining--and so everyone's kinda blerghy about that. Everyone, including the patrons. We had a spate of police-calling, formal un-invitations, and general mayhem a couple of weeks ago, and while that has settled down, people are still crabby and edgy. Just like the staff.

In other news...this weekend, we finally got the house cleaned of much of the dust that has been gathering for lo these past several months. There are still random Christmas decorations out that we missed in the January cleanup. And there are pockets of Crazy-Messy, but at least the floors are clean throughout. Maybe my allergies will settle down now.

Maybe pigs will fly.

[T.O.: Sparky just popped in online on Skype so I went and IM'd him since I didn't talk to him Saturday. That brightened up my mood a bit.]

To be honest, I'm not that cranky right now. Just tired and drained and trying to sort out priorities. Maybe I'll clean my desk at work, do some filing and stuff, this week. I did take care of that at home yesterday, which was a huge load off my shoulders. I even started working on the FAFSA for Sparky's financial aid next year. Am at an impasse with that till we get our income tax figured, and I don't know when that will be. Soon. I hope.

So. I guess I've hit the end of my need to type. I really should go get ready to work.

Aha, but that is another part of my general sense of The Weird: my work schedule.  Here's the short version:
  • Mondays: 11-7 (no lunch break, my choice--I eat at my desk), including at least one hour in the kids' room
  • Tuesdays: 12-9 (dinner break at 5), including an hour each in the kids' room and adult reference
  • Wednesdays: 8-4 (no lunch break again), including at least an hour at adult reference
  • Thursdays: 9-6 (lunch break at 12 or 1), including at least an hour at adult reference
  • *Fridays: 9-5 (no lunch break), off all desks all day usually!
  • *Saturdays: 9-1 (but I usually stay till 5), including 3 hours at assorted reference desks (kids' and adult) 
  • Every 4th or 5th Sunday 1-4, all hours on the adult reference desk
* Alternate weeks, so if I work Friday I don't work Saturday, and vice versa
Those public desk hours are scheduled for every week, but then there is always someone sick or on vacation so things get changed. I don't handle schedule shifts well. Never have. So frustrating.

OK, now I really have to go get ready for work! Perhaps I'll have more exciting things to talk about next time.

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