Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't know why...

...but I feel a blog post inside of me, one that doesn't involve memes or poetry for a change.

Having said that, all immediately comes to mind to write is, "Why does my left hand hurt?" My thumb hurts to move--from the center of my palm down into my wrist--so something I did yesterday was wrong, but I can't think of any actions that were particularly unusual. I will say that last Wednesday at bell choir rehearsal, that same wrist locked up in the middle of a song and I had to drop the bell and crack my wrist. Which hurt quite a bit.

I think I'm falling apart. Between this and my now-constant right shoulder pain, I believe I'm getting an inkling of how Beast's back felt before all hell broke loose inside it this year.

In spite of the aches and pains, I'm going in to shelve books today at the high school. I do love this little bit of volunteering. Being around the kids, talking to teachers, seeing what books are used...I just enjoy the whole thing.

Then, it's off to work. Where I will spend the day trying not to kill anyone or say anything that can't be unsaid. Right before leaving last night, I worked through a plan to get a better handle on our collection size; we have been going along for years (decades, really) judging our collection size by the statistics we keep on additions and withdrawals. Last summer, on a lark, I did a quick list of how many records we actually have in the database. I wasn't particularly shocked to find out that the numbers are substantially off.  The challenge has been trying to figure out how to drill down past the total collection size and recalculate the individual sections. And I didn't really want to do this in the middle of a fiscal year, which runs May-April (don't ask me--I have no idea). Guess what I'll be doing next Monday, Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday?? It's going to be rather nightmarish, but once it's over, I'll feel a whole lot better about reporting our numbers to the Board(s) and the state.

I've come to understand that projects like that are little games I play to keep my mind off the Big Picture stuff -- dealing with the dysfunction of the boss and staff, for instance.

At home, there are a million things I'm avoiding as well. I guess I need to make a decision about whether I'm going to my 30th high school reunion this summer. I need to call about scheduling a thorough spring house-cleaning. And we need to figure out what's going on in terms of yard-work this summer. And meal-planning, which has dropped so far off the radar that we are reduced to eating cheese sandwiches for dinner many nights.

All of which is depressing. I'm going to get my socks and shoes on, go fluff my hair, and head to school.  Where I don't really have to think about anything because I'm not responsible for anything but locating the places on the shelves where the books belong. Yay.

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amy said...


I can relate to so much of this. Wow. And if I can help, you know where to find me.

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