Thursday, May 3, 2012


Aside from poetry, I haven't been around much. There are several reasons, but the Big Two are Work and Beast's (lack of) Health. I'm slowly getting my head around working 40 hours a week and being a Responsible Adult, but next week is going to be pretty horrible: I'm involved in putting a coworker on official probation, and I'm fairly certain she won't be able to maintain the baseline work changes required. There will be angst, and not just from her. Another coworker essentially has begged me to do whatever I can to keep the other woman from losing her job. Well, that's just fine but she has to carry her part of the load. And she's not. Hasn't, really, ever. Sigh.

Beast's back has been fubar since last August when he was hospitalized, and I have quite literally lost count of how many times we've been to the ER since then. The ambulance has picked him up three (four??) times in the last two months or so. Long story short, he is scheduled for a laminectomy on Monday. Tomorrow is pre-op testing day for him (I work), Saturday we drive up for load #1 from Sparky's dorm room, Sunday is...Sunday (i.e. busy in the morning, not-so in the afternoon). This is slightly faster than we had expected, but OMG-Thank-God for that!

The difficulty is that I need to go pick up Sparky and the rest of his stuff from school at some point--Wednesday or Thursday--and bring him home for the summer. And work. And bring Beast home from the hospital. And...yeah, see? Life, she is destroying next week completely. I really do hope this surgery goes smoothly for Beast, resolves the majority of the pain issues, and that Sparky can find a summer job.

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