Sunday, May 6, 2012

Focus on the positive

  • Homemade mac-n-cheese for dinner tonight, a special request from Beast. I think I'm also going to bake some chicken so there's stuff to heat-and-eat later in the week. Anyway, he can't eat after midnight so I'm making extra stuff so that he can nosh later if he wants.
  • I can now wear sandals in public: my toenails (and feet, generally) are the least terrifying they've been since November, plus nail polish.
  • Laundry is almost half done.
  • I saw one of our former youth group kids this morning at church--she sat with us during worship, so we were sort of a 'family.' I miss that girl. And her family; they've moved about two and a half hours east of here.
  • If all goes as planned, Beast will be in recovery by this time tomorrow. He's been in agony the last few days. Friday and today have consisted of 2-3 hours of relative useful time and the rest mostly filled with pain and sleep.
  • Had a moment of panic last night thinking I'd have to take him to the ER again though for something very different this time. About 45 minutes after Beast went to bed I heard him thump and then get up out of bed. I dashed upstairs--I'm quite good at that now!--and found him bent in half sideways in the bathroom smacking the top-most side of his skull. "BUG! In my EAR! Get it OUT!!" I grabbed one of our ever-present flashlights, sat on the floor under his ear and shone it up into his ear...and a bug crawled out! {eeuuwwwww} I flicked it away with the tweezers I'd grabbed and eventually found it and flushed it. Not the most calming event right before bed, though he did get to sleep.
  • He's napping right now in the recliner, and about 10 minutes ago, he started flailing around his head, and I eventually realized he was dreaming/reliving last night's bug adventure. 
  • Two people at church asked (individually) if I wanted them to come sit with me during the surgery tomorrow. It shocked me. I hadn't remembered this particular 'tradition' and had planned a cozy time reading a silly mystery. As Beast pointed out when we got home, it might be good to have someone there in case something goes awry--as it did when I had surgery 15 years ago.
Yes, I am living in lists. My brain is not functioning in any other manner right now. Very Twitter-y and flaky and not very deep. Oh well. Let's see if I can publish this without deleting anything, as I did yesterday. ...sigh Then it's time to boil some water for macaroni.

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