Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Totally What Some Library Patrons are Like

A Clear And Self-Centered Danger:
(Bookstore | Boston, MA, USA)

(A couple approaches the information desk while I’m manning it. They are probably in their mid-60s.)

Me:  ”Can I help you find something?”
Customer:  ”Yes, where are your paperbacks by Clancy?”
Me:  ”They’re right over here in fiction; follow me.”
(They tag along behind me as I lead them the 10 steps over to the fiction wall.)
Me:  ”He’s this whole shelf, and part of the next one.  Was there anything else you were looking for today?”
Customer:  ”Other stuff like him. You know, like Woods, Connelly, and Lescroart.”
Me:  ”Well, they’re all here in fiction too. It’s alphabetical by author, so you can work your way down from here.  Woods is right at the end by the window.”
Customer:  *peevish* “Why can’t you people just put all the stuff I like together?!”
(At this point his wife, who has been silent the whole time, chimes in.)
Customer’s Wife: “Because the world STILL doesn’t revolve around you, dear.” *to me* “His mother has a lot to answer for!”

Oh how I adore Not Always Right!

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