Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anyone interested in being my boss?

The B0ard 0f Trustees 0f the [City] Publ!c L!brary seeks an energet!c and v!s!0nary leader t0 serve as L!brary D!rect0r. Th!s mun!c!pal l!brary serves res!dents wh0 l!ve w!th!n the b0undar!es 0f [City] C0mmun!ty Un!t Sch00l D!str!ct #.... L0cated ab0ut 55 m!les n0rthwest 0f [a sprawl!ng metr0p0l!s !n the U.S.], [City] !s h0me t0 appr0x!mately 24,8oo pe0ple. An0ther 12,6oo pe0ple l!ve w!th!n the b0undar!es 0f [the] Sch00l D!str!ct ... and are able t0 use the l!brary thr0ugh a un!que c0ntractual arrangement w!th the Rural ... D!str!ct.

The L!brary D!rect0r w!ll be expected t0:

Pr0v!de super!0r leadersh!p, adm!n!strat!ve, and 0rgan!zat!0nal sk!lls
Manage the staff and the l!brary !n a h!ghly pr0fess!0nal manner
Enthus!ast!cally part!c!pate !n l0cal c0mmun!ty events; act as an ambassad0r 0n behalf 0f the l!brary

Th!s 0pp0rtun!ty requ!res an !nd!v!dual w!th:

Dem0nstrated pass!0n f0r publ!c l!brary serv!ce
Excellent c0mmun!cat!0n, f!scal, plann!ng, and 0rgan!zat!0nal sk!lls
Ab!l!ty t0 w0rk c0llab0rat!vely w!th 0ther mun!c!pal b0d!es and c0mmun!ty gr0ups
W!ll!ngness t0 adv0cate f0r the l!brary and flex!b!l!ty t0 adapt t0 change

Add!t!0nal Qual!f!cat!0ns and Requ!rements:

Must have a Master 0f L!brary Sc!ence degree fr0m an ALA accred!ted sch00l
H!gh-level manager!al exper!ence w!th f!nanc!al (budget) resp0ns!b!l!t!es
Fam!l!ar!ty w!th !ll!n0!s L!brary Statutes
Understand!ng 0f current and emerg!ng l!brary techn0l0gy and trends

Salary m!dp0!nt !s appr0x!mately $88.7K and !s neg0t!able based 0n exper!ence. Excellent benef!ts. L!brary d!str!ct res!dency !s n0t requ!red.

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