Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Perhaps this is why I shouldn't Facebook at work....

I just came upon this exchange from one of my high school friends. As Beast pointed out when I told him about it, W. is "disabled to some not-insignificant degree" as a result of a motorcycle accident (omg!) 30 years ago. He is a smart guy, but compared to who he was in high school, his brain function is perhaps 2/3 "full-throttle" now. He's also been working as a supermarket-bagger, fast-food employee and whatever other short- or longer-term job he can find for the past 3-4 years despite the fact that he has a programming degree and has written code for 15-20 years. His particular job market is full of younger, smarter, cheaper people, and he just hasn't made the transition past contract work into full-time employment because of the economy.

Here's what he said:
SOooo, pple would rather go with someone whose sole goal is to not listen to the middle class and give the "upper echelon" tax breaks to trickle down ecomony? Not listening to the 42% which INCLUDES the military, retired, and the unemployed whom exhausted their unemployment benefits. We've tried that with Bush for 8 years and you expect who ever is elected to FIX this shit in 4? Congress is also to blame for not working/compromising the make this work. Remember the Romans? We're next.
Granted, although I agree with him politically in broad terms, I seem some serious flaws with the specific facts in this post. But Facebook is really not the place to get into that sort of stuff unless you WANT to flame on someone's wall and lose friends. Which I don't, especially in this case; W. is a good guy.

Here's the follow-up to that post:
You and [J.] like this.

[J.] -- Your right! Some are just sheep.

[R.] -- ,, you are too smart to be drinking obamas koolaid.

[Cat.] -- yeah, I don't get it either [W.]...reminds me of this quote from 1776 (the musical):  "Don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor." John Dickinson

[R.] -- Also.. this election is not just about who ran out of 99 weeks of unemployment ,, it is about the future of the first and free-est Republic ever to be on this earth, for our children, who we earnestly pray will not live in a nanny state or police state, or a "World Government" state.. but will live in a country governed by the people through the protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that our moms and dads bled their guts out on foreign soil to preserve for us.. Not just about . . "unemployment payments".. Unemployment should be for about 6 weeks , by then you , as an American, should be able to scare up gainful employment and make a Yankee Dollar for yourself and your kids. [my emphasis]

[K.] -- why can't people just express how they feel without a comment of being right or wrong.....i just don't get it....

[Cat.] -- [K.], would that I could like your comment a kabillion times. (as I zip up my lip)
[excised comments about job hunt]


Just, really...did she need to go there? Is she so dumb that she hasn't seen his WEEKLY FOR YEARS status updates that include his resume and begin with "I Need A Job!" (one of which he posted just hours before he wrote the above post)

Gahhhh, this is why the term "Rethuglican" was coined.

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