Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-Election Bounce

Staying up till 1:30 a.m. to watch Obama's victory speech was worth it, but I'm very tired now. And today was a weird day. I try not to bring my politics to work, since I know several coworkers are not in full agreement with my view of the world (not that this surprises me, of course).  But it was kind of weird at work today. I got a strange vibe from one staunch Republican coworker who seemed almost ANGRY with me about something; I've just now put it together that she (and a few other Republican friends on Facebook) are really upset today. I'm trying to figure out if I was like that when Bush won.

I didn't feel great today. I have established beyond any reasonable doubt that I can't eat McDonald's eggs. I keep hoping that it's my imagination, but every time I drive through for breakfast I end up feeling lousy by lunchtime. Gah.

A friend's friend/coworker has been dealing with her brother's end-of-life issues, which were all resolved permanently last night. So my friend was not having a good day at work today, and she also not feeling good.

OCLC wasn't working right today either. Every time I tried to export a record, it logged me out. There were a couple of more things that it wasn't doing right either, and after a couple of hours fighting it, I gave up and faffed around the rest of the day. When I wasn't trying to decide if I should just go home since I felt lousy.

Tonight was bell choir. We've got some cool stuff coming up to play in December. And then at the end of rehearsal, the director told us that with the December performance, she'll be stepping down as director due to "personality conflicts." She was very professional and didn't name names, though at least one person jumped to conclusions very verbally. It doesn't matter, except that this really bums me out. Crap.

AND, I'm feeling under the gun because I'm going out of town this weekend, meeting Beast in San Francisco to celebrate our birthdays. I haven't packed--though this will take me about half an hour--and I can feel myself going into pre-trip freakout mode. Part of this is because I haven't been on vacation in over a year, so I'm excited, but part of it is just me doing what I do when ever I stress. At least I recognize it and have some tools to use against it, but I do not enjoy this twitchy feeling. Also: 5-hour flight? Doesn't really sound fun. Clearly, I'm over the whole TSA nightmare, and the airlines' tendency to cram-jam people into seats and charge us up the wazoo for crappy sandwiches.

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