Saturday, December 29, 2012

What a week...

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster...

Christmas was awesome; completely boring with lotsa good swag for all.

Work this week was about as close to vacation as work could be. It's gonna be hard getting back into this whole "having a boss" thing in two weeks, but Techie Librarian is looking like she's ready to be OVAH-WITH this interim director gig.

Thursday morning I found a post from one of my college profs about one of his colleagues (another prof in the same department) who has been a joy to get to know outside of prof-hood, and who has been battling cancer for several years. It sounds pretty bad--the war is nearly over.

Thursday night sucked for other nonbloggable reasons.

Yesterday, the check from the sale of FIL's out-of-state condo arrived.

My eyes have gotten quite bad this week, especially in the shifting from one distance to another. As doesn't happen.

Beast has been very occupied this week with getting the house wired to legally and safely be able to plug in the generator to power the house if/when we lose electricity the next time. He's done a lot of research to make sure he knows what he's doing, purchased several new parts, watch a gazillion videos, showed Sparky (irony much?) some basic and not-so-basic wiring tips, and hasn't electrocuted himself. Plus, he installed an automatic battery-powered light next to the fuse box that will come on when the power goes out.

Yesterday I had a headache all day. Took aspirin at about 10:30, Tylenol at 1, and Advil at 3, and then worked a manic-busy 2-hour shift at Reference. Two other reference staff had already left sick, and the only other one there was trying to wind things up to go on vacation, so I really couldn't leave. The headache was one of those perfect storm headaches: tension, sinus, and eye-strain all at once.

Went and picked out new eyeglass frames for the Rx I got last month. It's a new procedure since last time I bought glasses (new insurance), so it took awhile longer. But people were super-nice at the new place, which is off-set by the fact that I probably won't get the glasses for about 10 days. Back up the truck: I'll be chugging down the painkillers this week.

We got the @*%^ing paperwork for the last step in settling FIL's estate from BIL today. After three weeks of him being a Class-A dick about it.

Tonight I got a text from a former youth group member asking if I was busy tonight. Well, it turned out she wasn't able to leave the house, but she texted me the "gist" of things. Her mom and step-dad are ultra-conservative, which makes me rather insane since they are blessed with some pretty awesome kids. R is simply one of the most conscientious young people I know, and has been since I met her at age 15 when she started coming to youth group. The "gist" of today's problem: she came out to her mom & step-dad on Wednesday. They are not handling this in a very enlightened way at all. She didn't go into details, but I can imagine that their response would be the most rancid "Christian" spewage. She spent Wednesday night at someone else's house--a friend, I can guess who, but she didn't say. Friend, in the case, meaning friend, period.

So let's see: this week, medical issues, the vague threat of electrocution, general family strain (holiday edition), work weirdness, good fun, lots of sleep, and someone asking for support.

Basically, life is full of good and bad. I'm sadder than sad about Dr. H. and R.'s parents. I'm grateful she has taken that step and that she trusts me (and Beast). I'm getting more and more concerned about my eyesight, but hoping the new glasses sort that out. I'm looking forward to the new year with some good positive feelings about work, household, and financial stuff. And the guinea pigs always make me giggle, even when I'm shouting at them to stop squeaking already, I just gave them food for cryin' in the rain!

Oh, and I have another great-nephew, as of December 5:
And on that happy note, I will close.

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amy said...

(You can see how long it's taken for me to catch up on my blog-reading!)

I'm sorry for all this. Work, it sounds like, will take care of itself with the changes that are happening automatically. (Though T could use a kick in the chops, as usual. Both of them - hmm!) I'm concerned about your eyes. I hope that your former youth grouper's parents surprise her, in a good way, though from what you've said before that seems unlikely. It would also be great if BIL's head returns to the top of his neck after its time on his rear, now that this is all settled.

I guess what all this is really trying to say. in a nutshell, is that I hope your ducks return to their rows and that life is better for you now. That's what I want for you.

Cat. said...

R looks worse every time I see her at work--SO glad we found a way for her to be here over the break. Otherwise, she'd have no "reason" to not be at home, the new zoo exhibit (her words).

Dr. H. died on New Year's Eve. Visitation/funeral/wake was yesterday in Up Nort'. The local kid who died (haven't blogged that--probably a secret heroin OD, but that's rumor) last weekend was eulogized on Friday. I didn't go to either service.

My eyes suck. They seem better if I eat actual food instead of a 24-hour sugar diet.

And yeah, the Librarian T (et al.) is on a tear lately.

In short: life goes on. Or not, as the case may be.

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