Monday, July 29, 2013
Forgot to mention this in last night's post, but Marguerite and Ben (my younger niece overseas, and her husband) were burgled Saturday night while ("whilst") they slept upstairs. All their computers and memory sticks were taken--it was all sitting out while they worked on tax returns--along with iPods and camera and other easily portable things of the sort. All removed quickly in their car, which has (thank God) been recovered with keys still in it. But the first year of their son's life, all those photos parents take of their eldest child, all those pictures are gone. They had backed everything up onto a hard drive, but that was also taken.

They themselves are safe and sound, but I can only imagine how completely creeped-out they must feel knowing people were in their house. Ugh. No idea how the thieves got in, but British houses aren't generally known for being burglar-proof: my sister's family house was broken into at least twice over the years.

A very eventful weekend in my family. Kind of hoping that's the end of the drama for awhile! Or at least that any upcoming drama is positive.

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