Friday, August 30, 2013


I've just read two blog posts on two completely different blogs in which the writer is wondering why someone younger, thinner, whateverer seems to so unhappy. As someone who is not younger or thinner, I can relate a little.

However, I'm also the one who "seems to have it all"--nice house, cool car, great job, wonderful husband, smart kid in (a private) college...all of which I'm so grateful for--and I can tell you right now my life is not happy. In fact, my life hasn't been worry-free in a really long time. Sure, there are hours when I'm pretty calm and stress-free, but there are at least 2 hours every day that are Hell. The only difference on a daily basis is which circle of Hell: immersion in boiling blood, upside-down burial in shit, or worse.

So, again, I plead with you all, remember that everyone -- E V E R Y O N E -- you meet is carrying a heavy load. Sometimes you can see it, or you've been told about it, or you can empathize for whatever reason; more often you have no idea. Because people are astoundingly good actors right up until they break into millions of pieces.

Incidentally, this post may only appear for a few hours, tonight and tomorrow morning, before mysteriously disappearing. Those of you know (a bit) about what's going on will know why. The whole thing is on the table now, so no more hiding stuff.

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amy said...

In some ways, it's good that it all doesn't show on our faces, 'cause we'd never get the business of living done for all the emotions we'd have to wade through--our own and everyone else's. But in so many other ways, jeez wouldn't it be nice sometimes if you could just offer a peek to the disbelieving, like peeling back a bandage or showing an x-ray? As if "proof" of the hurt should be necessary for some consideration.

Cat. said...

I don't think I could bear to see all that pain. Easier for me to just keep reminding myself not to be envious even when...

...yeah, crying....again....

Jen S said...


molly said...

thinking of you, hoping for better times. hugs

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