Wednesday, December 25, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

1 thing I got for Christmas (25th December)
Hard to pick one material item. My best gift is a drama-free day, but I got some good books and silly things too:
  • A Chia cat grass planter (for the guinea pigs, ostensibly)
  • Two packages of Ghirardelli's Holiday Impressions chocolate squares
  • The Complete Beat, all of The English Beat's recordings on CD [squee!]
  • A Cash Cab daily calendar 
  • Jesus Christ Superstar on CD
  • A Hogwarts snowglobe kit
  • Now Panic and Freak Out
  • Salt & Pepper Shaker price guide [Beast says he ordered it at Amazon and it was sent from a town 10 miles from us--and it's a withdrawn library book. Wierd....]
  • Kirk and Spock magnetic salt & pepper shakers [squee! and cue the K/S fanfic] 
  • National Geographic's Who's Who in the Bible 
  • One large, fat candycane  
  • The Last Week
So yeah, I cheated but by far the best gift is the one that isn't pictured.
Click on the image to play along

2 thing(s) to say:

amy said...

Oh good heavens, I was THISCLOSE to getting Kirk & Spock's S&P adventure for you. How weird!

Cat. said...

Well, to be fair, they were on my Amazon list... ;-) I think there are other ST S&Ps. The magnets in these, though--they worry me. A lot.

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