Wednesday, December 11, 2013


12-11 -
Grinch Week: Kids these days! (alternative title - "Back in *my* day...)
I try very hard NOT to say either of these things without deep irony-slash-sarcasm. Kids are kids, regardless, and I'm sure when I was a kid a lot of people felt I was an entitled toerag. I will say that I'm glad I am not a kid today, specifically a teenager, because the stresses and fears and pressures seem so much greater than they did when I was younger. Maybe that's just having a larger worldview than I did then, and maybe it's partly that I wouldn't want to revisit those (teenage) years under ANY circumstances.... Regardless, there really is nothing new under the sun, and most kids are awesome. Only the small percentage of really horrible kids get most of the attention from crabby adults, which is a shame; they'd be less crabby if they noticed the thousands of pretty cool people they ignore!

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