Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

7 Wonderful things that happened in 2013 (31st December)
  1. Babies!!
  2. Sparky passed Organic Chemistry!
  3. New boss
  4. New children's librarian
  5. Al-Anon
  6. Support of friends
  7. Wake-up calls
  8. Packers made the playoffs
8 Minutes to share your opinion on New Year’s Resolutions (1st January)
Dude, I do not need 8 minutes to give my views: I think they're pointless. I like the "looking back at the past year" activities, but the "I swear I will..." stuff is ludicrous to me. Part of it is just so artificial, part of it is I don't like going along with the crowd, part of it is that I have hard changes to make nowadays, and the biggest part of it is that I have a bad history of follow-through so I know it's just setting myself up to fail. About the only resolution I'm making this year is to read more books.
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