Friday, September 25, 2015


I'm so tired I can barely sit upright. In fact, I'm on the couch with the footrest up and leaning into the arm side at about a 30% angle.

Long day. Dentist, then 9 hours sitting in a hospital room waiting for a new baby to arrive.
He did.
He's adorbs*.
No one knows his name except his parents. I don't get it. Presumably we'll find out tomorrow.

I didn't do anything strenuous but I'm really freaking tired.
Perhaps it's because of the hellaciously weird and bad week full of bomb squad stories, internet infamy, FOIA, grand jury duty (we did about 25 cases yesterday and issued 20 or so subpoenas), and the usual Crazy Cat Lady tricks. Add to that a new baby, driving 2.5 hours in heavy street traffic today, picking up a CPAP (which meant an hour-long drive round-trip) Tuesday and trying to get use to having a tube and nozzle attached to my face at night. I felt much better yesterday morning--really awake for the first time in awhile--but last night didn't go as well. Bad dreams.

Sparky changed jobs this week too. He started the week vomiting, by midweek was totally up-in-the-air job-wise, and ended the week in a much better place all the way around. And that's after we saw him last Saturday.

Then there was the moth in the shower with me yesterday. {{shudder}} Which landed on my forehead which I then spotted in the mirror on the side of the shower and freaked me the fuck out completely.

I'm really really hoping tomorrow is boring.

*and he's in NICU tonight because they detected a mass in his torso after a non-routine ultrasound of his mom last week; otherwise he seems fine, however.

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