Sunday, September 4, 2016

Short update post-Tuesday

Beast was fortunate (?) enough to have all the charges reduced to misdemeanors--DWI and disturbing the peace, rather than DUI and resisting arrest--on Friday. The police screwed the pooch in collecting evidence and not allowing him insulin, plus he took all his paperwork from rehab and meetings and so forth to show good faith in trying to fix himself. And the fact that he'd been fired carried some weight too.

So, we're packing and cleaning and prepping for tomorrow's departure. Beast paid all the bills, emailed all the car rental, airport transpo, and other updates to me and Sparky. He also sent a final email to our AirBnB host, and repacked his backpack, changing it out from work-based to vacation travel. The first-aid kit he takes when he travels has been updated.

He has been sore and limping all day--hips are achy--and about half an hour ago, he finally admitted that he was ready for bed. But he wants to see the NASCAR race. It's less than half over right now. The fast part, in other words, is over. It could be another 90 minutes before racing ends. He should go to bed. My job is to STFU and let him mind his own business.

We had to go buy a third rollaboard today on the way home because we realized that Sparky doesn't have one. So that was extra walking, because of course luggage is in the #@*!*ing furthest corner from the entrance of the store.

Anyway. I've been sparking low-level anxiety attacks for about two hours now. This is about when I start melting down prior to every vacation, but this is mostly focused today on worrying about Beast. Some of the behavior he exhibits when he's tired like this is the same kind of behavior he has when he's been drinking so that's really the majority of the problem for me. At least he's eating some dinner now though. That will help. And his affect/mood isn't like when he's drinking. So it's ghosts and my imagination that are making me slightly manic.

Also, I think I just realized today that I'm not going to see my sister. Usually when flying to England, she's "home base." This will be the second visit since her funeral, and it keeps hitting home that she . will . not . be . there.

I sometimes wonder if I have the slowest Reality Awareness filter ever created. I mean, she died SIX YEARS AGO and I'm just figuring this out??

So yeah. Having now gone back in time to reread old blog posts, and looked at my Family page here...I need to do some work on cleanup there. People will keep having babies!

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Kwizgiver said...

I wish you safe travels and low anxiety. Weddings are such a lovely celebration!

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