Friday, March 17, 2017


Well, it's been a long winter--and it's not over yet by any means.

I've spent the last hour prepping for Poetry Month, so be assured there will be stuff popping up regularly here in April.

Otherwise, the worldwide news is dire. Trump's doing his best to kill us all one way or another. Local elections are coming up and we've got some Dark Ages people running for mayor, council, and school board.

Good news is that Beast is home, and a little over 2 weeks into his carpal tunnel/ulnar nerve surgery recovery. He's still having massive pain in his left shoulder--which we now know is due to a torn labrum AND a torn rotator cuff. His lower back is fubar too, and he can't feel his feet. He uses a cane all the time now. The upside of all of this is that he hasn't really been drinking. He "found" a place to walk to not far from the library, but his tolerance is so low that he only got a couple of swigs in before he passed out with the bottle in his lap (uncapped). This was before surgery, and he's been too zonked from surgical stuff to be out and about much till later this week. So he's dry. And intent on getting to meetings when he can.

I'm ok. Tired all the time. In fact, yesterday I overslept, waking up at 8:45. So I called in and pled illness, read for awhile, and went back to sleep till 11:30. Then I was up for awhile and went back to bed at 2 for a 2-hour nap. Beast stayed in bed till 12:15 and then woke me up for dinner. Then we were both back to sleep probably by 9 or so.

I do feel better today. Not sure what that whole mess was yesterday: sore, achy muscles and what felt like a massive allergy attack.

On that note, however, I think it behooves me to head upstairs and go to bed. I have laundry and house-cleaning to deal with tomorrow.

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