Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I didn't go to church today...

We seem to be on track for a record: No more than two days have gone by this summer without family or friends (including family of friends) having medical issues, or without the occurrence of a huge (usually ridiculously stupid) blowup at work, or without some sort of major schedule change of another variety that impacts the whole household. Don't get me started on the daily world-wide bad news....

Today's party: my father-in-law has a sore toe. H O R R O R S So the on-duty nurse says he needs to go see a doctor NOW and she calls an ambulance...and but doesn't call us. FIL calls us--twice--to tell us what's going on. We are 25 minutes away. If he can call--twice, in 15 minutes--it's probably not an ambulance-necessary ER visit. Right?

Did I mention he has visitors in town this weekend? Yeah, so I guess the visiting will be happening in ER today. Great place for that.

Meanwhile, I will be at work handling stupid technology burps and putting paper in the printers and telling people where the bathrooms are, because that's what summer Sundays are like. It's probably just as well. I'm not sure I can handle any complicated research-based questions. Here's hoping we have very few extraordinarily crabby patrons, and no bike thefts. Wait, it's an even-numbered day with no extra staff available, so there probably will be a bike stolen today.

And after work, I need to stop at a different hospital to visit an old friend who will, quite likely, not live to see much (or any) of August 2009.

Last night I dreamed that my son's music instructor and another teacher in the district were murdered. I like his teacher and haven't yet met the other teacher, who is new to the area this year. My "good sleep" hours for the past 7 days probably total about 25, which just goes to show that the human body is pretty incredible as I'm still able to function at a reasonably competent level.

And to think I thought I was all cried out earlier this month.


Posts like this are why I've stopped blogging on my regular blog. They are all I've got lately. And, trust me, no one wants to hear it. I sure don't, nor do I want to save it for posterity.

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