Friday, August 14, 2009


  1. All the laundry is done for the week, including the semi-regular bathmat-washing extravaganza, and FIL's stuff, which was forgotten in the washer earlier this week and had to be redone.
  2. The main floor of the house has been Roomba'd and then wet-mopped. Roomba is clean and ready for the next cleaning project.
  3. Dishes needing hand-washing have been washed.
  4. Christmas shopping has commenced and we have our calendars for the house.
  5. Saw the optometrist at Pearle today who agreed that my left distance vision was not measured correctly last month (off by a full point: 8.75 vs. 7.75!) and rewrote it. Because my glasses are less than a week old, Pearle is making a new lens for free.
  6. I have a grocery list made ready for shopping tomorrow.
  7. Also, I'm going back to my old glasses tomorrow and will stick with them until the new lens arrives. These make me seasick. Eating Advil is really not so healthy.
  8. A & K are having a baby boy. Woo-hoo!
  9. MIL's wedding dress is slowing coming back from The Wrinkle Zone. Trud is working on it, alternating vaguely warm iron with gravity to pull out the wrinkles. I told Beast to beat BIL around the head and shoulders this weekend if he's the one who shoved the dress in a shopping bag.
  10. We have our plane tickets for Denver in November.
  11. Sparky received his school bus information today. He snorted. I smiled. It will be posted on the fridge, just in case.
  12. Preseason NFL games have begun. Yippee!
  13. I believe it's bath time after I post this.
But first, two things:
  1. Today's optometrist arrived while I was filling out paperwork today and I noticed as she walked past me (the doctors' pictures are posted). She has very bandy legs, and the skirt she was wearing really emphasized them, as did her very flat, sort of worn-down-looking shoes. I noted later that they aren't worn down, but her feet are large and very wide. Once I sat down for my exam, I rather suddenly realized that the reason she looked unusual was that (I strongly suspect) that she's a transgendered person. Which is fine, but unexpected in this area. She was perfectly helpful, a little odd in her 'bedside manner' (our whole consultation took place with her back turned or with my eyes behind the big frog-face thingy), but otherwise fine.
  2. We drove through Arby's for dinner (hey, I'm an awesome mom, yo!). Sparky ordered a combo and wanted bacon on in, so I said, "A #6 combo, please, with bacon and a Sprite to drink." The machine quacked back at me, "OK, a #6 combo with fries and a Sprite. You want the bacon on the sandwich, right?"
    Uh? Doy? As opposed to bacon on the Sprite?

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amy said...

OK, so I'm a little behind on reading this, but I 'bout choked I was laughing so hard at the end of this one. Mmm, bacon-n-Sprite. I never knew Sparky had it in him! :)

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