Saturday, August 22, 2009


Scrimmage in the rain last night, felt like October. Ridiculous. I will be shopping for long underwear and more appropriate sitting-in-the-stands-freezing clothes.

I failed to meet a deadline for the church newsletter, so there will be nothing about youth group in it. Oh well. Y'know, I don't even feel that guilty. I'm having major struggles caring, which I hope will be alleviated once the 'school-year' schedule starts up and I get back involved with some soul-feeding things. Right now, if it weren't for the high school kids, I'd so be out the door!

Today we're hosting a youth group picnic at our house. It'll be fun, but we have much prep to do before anyone arrives: the house needs tidying and I have to hit the grocery store; those are the two big things. I hope the weather improves over yesterday!

Work this week was bizarre. I feel very Red Balloon-like, connected only barely to what's going on, yet being asked dozens of questions about random things and knowing the answers (most of the time). It's a very weird feeling. Like anaesthesia while chopping up veggies with a sharp knife.

Time to get dressed and do the grocery store thing. Maybe when I get back the house will be less cranky.

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