Saturday, August 1, 2009

My wake-up call

Hi ho hi ho–it’s off to work I go. Beast woke me up before heading off to golf so that I could get ready for work. This was his news since last night:
  1. Beast got a call last night from his dad: a friend (or a "friend") from his veterans' group wants to borrow money from him. As in several thousand dollars.
    Uh, duh?

  2. Beast washed my phone by accident last night in the washing machine. I asked him to charge it for me, he put it in the pocket of his shorts, and then forgot--probably because of the phone call from his dad–-and threw those shorts into the wash with the towels before coming to bed.
So now I’m off to work. Phone-free at least for the day. Sad. But it could be worse, right? We could be on vacation when something like this happened.

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