Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

There has been VERY little of the laboring today, which is fine. Sparky had a JV game, in which he actually played, this morning. It was a lovely day to sit in the stands. [they lost again]

We are finished with NCIS for the time being, though Season 5. Have started ST:TNG Season 3.

R & B arrive in Chi on Weds. Still working out details about where they'll be sleeping all week, here or with S & S.

And I'm trying to decide how to word an email to the Youth & Ed chair at our church saying "I don't think I can sit thru another 2-hour meeting for which I have exactly 4 minutes to report on the activities with which I am involved. Cut me loose, man, or tell other people to STFU!"

Mostly I just don't want to do ANYthing church-related whatsoever. "Religious people" are annoying the crap out of me today, both those I know and those in the wide world (Obama's speech to children AND on a cataloging listserv if you can believe it).


Actually, I think perhaps I should just turn off the computer and read a very silly book or do a sudoku.

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