Saturday, September 5, 2009



Sparky's on the team, mostly just suiting up for the varsity games, but possibly (eventually) playing in the JV games. Wait, no, he did play last week at the JV game come to think of it! Took himself out when he got his bell rung a little--he doesn't realize how that looks to the coach. What can I say that doesn't sound horribly unsympathetic? Nothing. So I'm trying really hard to say just that while letting him spout off about all the intricacies of the games and the coaching.

[Like I haven't sat through 7 years of high school and college football games, both home and away (not ALL the away games, but a chunk of the college ones when I was on the campus radio station). Not to mention the 40 years of tutorials from Dad and Beast while watching the NFL.]

At last night's game, I even was calling the flags on the field just about as well as Beast. Quite proud of myself. At least I wasn't the one cheering "Sack! That! Quarterback!" while we were on offense like the *!&$@^ing "professionals" on our side of the stadium were doing--again!--at one point. Oh, yes they were. Way to keep your head in the game, CheerSquad!!! Nice job!!! You go!!!

Final score: 0-27. At least Sparky's team held them scoreless in the second half (though I'm sure that's cuz the other school put in their B-team at some point). Next week, we play a 'real' team, one that's in contention for State.

Is there a slaughter rule in high school football?

Yeah. I didn't think so.

This is just like my high school years all over again...only I sorta care now since I have a stake in some of the people on the team.

[Next week's game will be interesting insofar as Sparky will have two cousins+their husbands in the stands along with us. Two of those visitors are English and this will be their first football game. Let the explanations begin--Beast might lose his mind at the depth of their ignorance! That'll be fun.]

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