Thursday, September 3, 2009


This week has been filled with G.I. issues: Sunday overnight was awful, and last night I woke up with terrible heartburn. Today, my shoulders have been absolutely killer painful. It wasn't until about 2 hours ago that I realized--after Beast tried to unkink the muscles for me--it's not muscle pain. This is deep down achy pain.

So now, having assured myself that I'm not having a heart attack...really, I'm not...I'm wondering if instead I'm coming down with the flu.

Or it's just stress, since I'm losing my favorite Tech Svc. employee, the one who keeps me sane on difficult days. She's leaving at the end of November. That makes close to (maybe over) 20 hours/week I will have lost this year. Sigh. It also means it's really time to rethink how we "do" Tech Svc. before we just jam someone into MEM's place.


Tomorrow, the plan is to work all day and then head to Sparky's second away varsity football game...alone. Beast will be in Ohio setting up for the estate/rummage sale.

And then I work Saturday too. Ugh.

The payoff is that I'm off to see Amy on Sunday. Yay. Yayyayyay. Must gossiping will be had.

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