Monday, September 14, 2009

Throwing in the towel

There's no way...I'm gonna delete all my Bloglines updates again. In one weekend, I've accrued 363 updates.

So, instead I'm going to stew on being ignored by a snip of a waitress at Coleman's tonight: she tossed the menu at me instead of handing it to me, left us for over 10 minutes before taking our order (while chatting with friends who came in after us, and taking their order), ignored us after our food came even though we could have used a refill of drinks because she was chatting with other staff *and* her friends....and she never . once . looked . at . me. She only had eyes for my husband and son. Plus the wine was...excruciatingly horrible and skunky. And I'm far from a connoisseur!

On the other hand, it was a lovely summer evening after a lovely summer day spent driving the rellies to the bus station. Plus, I got a perfectly wonderful and very much needed massage.

Tomorrow it's back into the trenches. I'm not thrilled. Deleting the 363 updates is commencing now.

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artcat said...

One of my absolute pet peeves is servers who direct all (and often flirtacious) attention to my husdband in an effort to pad her tip. He is equally annoyed with this and will often make a big deal after she hands him the bill, of passing it to me - saying in her presence, "here honey, would you determine the tip while I go use the restroom?" just so we can see the face! Believe me, the tip is less.

Cat. said...

Yeah, makes me mad too, but she was, at least, fairly equal-opportunity stupid by not asking if he wanted a refill on his beer when she practically tossed our food at us.

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