Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never a dull moment

Beast's dad is back in the hospital. He fell in the middle of the night before last and woke up with sore ribs. As it got slightly worse as the day wore on, he mentioned it to the staff and they felt he should have it checked out by a doctor. Once the ER got ahold of him, they ran a kabillion tests and eventually decided that it was pretty much muscle soreness, nothing major. In the meantime, however, his blood chemistry was out of whack, so they kept him overnight for observation (I guess).

We have company coming again this weekend, this time it's extended not-quite-family-but-almost on Beast's side. They won't stay with us, but it means being in Entertainment Mode again. FIL is worried that he'll be stuck in the hospital for their visit; he wants to come see Sparky play football Friday with our visitors, among other things.

I've never ever craved excitement, but our lives are full of it right now, and I could do with a lot less of it.

In other news: I saw my primary care dr. yesterday and he assured me that the underlying issue with my eyes is unlikely to be diabetes and referred me to a different eye doctor. Hopefully we can make some progress there. Sigh.

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