Monday, November 16, 2009

Because I'm not creative

  • My Fb status today--for part of the day--was that I'm glad my whole family is home sleeping in their own beds. Jean had to spent the first night back in England in the hospital because of all her health issues the last couple of weeks in Colorado. We've had too many family members in hospitals over the last months. Enough.
  • I hope the rest of our fall/winter is really boring.
  • The previous statement proves that I truly am 46, not 16.
  • I'm a horrible procrastinator.
  • I did, however, manage to wash tonight's dinner dishes ... tonight
  • And yes, you read that right: I made dinner tonight.
  • From scratch.
  • I think I have Black-T-Shirt-Disease. I can't seem to keep a plain black T in my wardrobe in decent condition for more than a couple of months. This time, Sparky threw it in the dryer when he was helping with laundry last week. ...another trip to Old Navy is in my future.
  • Overall, though, Sparky's fabulous. I wouldn't trade him.
  • Mostly.
  • I should mention that he auditioned for that state music educators' band under duress (and failed) as well as the men's a capella group at school (and failed), but seems unfazed by both results.
  • He did make the county honor band.
  • And he has to go to the school board meeting tomorrow night to represent the district music program as they are awarded...something or other...
  • And he's getting a 3.2ish average at midterm in spite of all the time football and family stuff ate this fall.
  • I've lost almost 14 lbs. in the past two months. This is not a scary-bad thing.
  • Work is killing me.
  • Work is killing Beast MUCH worse.
  • The economy has to get sorted soon. Really. No, really.
  • My house is a really huge nightmare in terms of cleanliness, and there is simply not one flat surface that doesn't have stuff piled on it. It's horrifying. Anyone wanna come clean for me? ...sigh
  • Tomorrow is haircut day. YAY.
  • My family split up Mom's assets last Sunday without fighting about anything. Somehow, this did NOT make the Denver news.
  • It definitely should have.
  • I'm having a wine party at my house in about two weeks. Let me know if you want to come.
  • I promise that I'll clean the house up before then.
  • Besides, I have to clean before Thanksgiving.
  • Not to mention the fact that I need to order our turkey from the local butcher.
  • But first, it would be nice to know how many people I'm feeding.
  • At least 8. Maybe 11. Possibly more. If you need a place to light for the holiday and truly bizarre-but-fun family behavior doesn't freak you out, come on over.
  • I bought my own flowers for my birthday. Beast came home from his business trip the next day with a lovely red rose. We have flowers everywhere. Amongst the mess, it's kinda fun.
  • Winter is officially here: my skin is terminally dry. Being in Colorado didn't help a lot with that.
  • But I'm grateful for the perfect weather for the past 10 days of my life. Could not have asked for anything approaching this, so yay God.
OK, and I think that's enough stream-of-consciousness for now. Welcome to the inside of my head. See what I have to deal with?!

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molly said...

glad everybody's home in bed. hope Tgiving was a good one. Your son sounds wonderful. and congratulations on a family that can divide up assets without arguing: that is a wonderful accomplishmetn always.

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