Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Latest blurtage

My mom is officially buried. I think. Anyway, the memorial service was Sunday, and those of us who were able to gather for the weekend had a very good time enjoying the company. This is not always true, but we held it together, somehow, this time.

My sister Jean, who was in the hospital for a few nights last week, was released with instructions to use oxygen at all times until she got home. Fortunately, they bought travel insurance, which they have now put into effect. The airline requires that her blood-oxygen be over 90% at all times, which is made more difficult by the fact that we aren't sure if that's 90% at sea level or 90% a mile high (i.e., in Denver, before boarding the plane). If it's sea level, it's probably not a problem.

She has a doctor's note, but the airline is still balking. The insurance is flying a nurse over to travel home with them, but they aren't sure yet when they are leaving. Friday is a possibility. Jean and Reg's daughter and son-in-law, who had planned to fly home with them yesterday, have arrived back home safe and sound according to their Facebook posts.

And still Jean and Reg, and Marie and Jan, wait at the hotel in Denver. I guess a winter storm is predicted this weekend, so Marie and Jan are worrying about getting back home over the mountains before that blows in.

What a mess.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, FIL has spent the past week trying to unsnarl himself from his lady friend (who, it turns out, is no lady at all). The staff at his place had to forcibly remove her one night so they are now inspecting his apartment before he goes to bed and he has been instructed to keep his door to the common hallway closed (and locked) even when he's inside.

And that is GOOD news, because he sounds better and feels better than he has since he started getting seriously mixed up with her. And he hasn't fallen--knock wood!--since he left the hospital last week.

Beast is in Phoenix this week for customer visit(s) and a trade show. I should be prepping for youth group instead of updating my blog and faffing about on Facebook, but oh well.

And the other bit of news is that Sparky is auditioning for the high school men's a capella group tomorrow. Interesting. We'll see how that goes. He's singing Green Day's Basket Case for the choir teacher. Oooo-kay.

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